Welcome to the

26th VR - STÄLJMUN Herrenkoog Triathon

on July 2nd 2016

 You may Register online until june 28th 2016!!!

After a very emotional OstseeMan in Glücksburg we have decided to come up with a Half Ironman distance again and offer you the following program during our 2016 event

SPRINT DISTANCE (500 m swim/24 km bike/5 km run)

HALF IRONMAN DISTANCE (2000 m swim/84 km bike/20 km run)

KIDS TRIATHLON (100 m swim/5 km bike/1 km run)

Just a short look into next year´s events.

Let´s cross fingers and hope that the weather on race day will be as sunny and warm as it is supposed to be in early july. It would be fantastic to experience our VR - STÄLJMUN in glorious sunshine.
In North Frisia and the borderland, but also for the rest of Schleswig - Holstein our VR - STÄLJMUN Herrenkoog triathlon is something special - this unique event with kids triathlon, sprint distance and the Half Ironman distance to give the athletes the unique chance to prepare for a Long Distance Event in Northern Europe.

Using our online registration your individual registration for the different races will be easier. First register, then login and simply apply for the race of your choice.
In 2016 we will stick to a lot of well - established and traditional procedures, but in some prominent areas we dare to proceed on new and innovative paths into the future.
Our major intent is to create a VR - STÄLJMUN event with even more attractive features for all athletes and spectators as well.
However the overarching goal still remains the same - to create a very unique atmosphere and an unforgettable experience for all of you. Be it athletes, friends, relatives or mere spectators!!

We will offer a COMPANY CHALLENGE on race day.
Browse through our homepage, find out about more details, be so kind and give us a feedback and be inspired by the STÄLJMUN spirit!

We will keep you posted concerning details and current developments.

See our latest event video

and last year´s pictures